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Web pages

Web pages

Creation of web pages, e-shop, web design, editorial system, programming of web applications, SEO, flash animations – area we have can offer experienced specialists. We can make for you the web presentation by actual standards. We can guarantee correct functionality in all workaday browsers. We can help you also with management or update of your current web pages.


3D configuration

Company Sophics cooperates with MicroD (NC, US) by outsourcing since 1998.

DYO (Design Your Own) 3D configuration is primarily intended for furniture producers. Final producer’s customer can individually online customize thousands variations of a product. Example (Basset furniture) is possible (use CUSTOMIZE) see here:

2D Room Planner

allows to place selected furniture to his own room:

3D Room Planner

allows the same process but in 3D dimension:


MicroD also processes virtual catalogues of producers and is the leader in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

If you have any question please ask at e-mail.

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