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Web pages

Web pages

Creation of web pages, e-shop, web design, editorial system, programming of web applications, SEO, flash animations – area we have can offer experienced specialists. We can make for you the web presentation by actual standards. We can guarantee correct functionality in all workaday browsers. We can help you also with management or update of your current web pages.


Selection of the fabrics:


Selection of the items:

Rocking-chair 001
Three-part sofa 002
Three-part sofa 003
Chair 004

Technology of creation of digital catalog of furniture - ePrevue (product by MicroD, NC, USA) – allows to web client to create all combinations of fabrics or wood of the furniture without manufacturing of it in advanced. Any company even with smaller production like Williams Sonoma can successfully present their production before their manufacturing. So company Williams Sonoma can offer 18 items with 65 types of fabrics there.

Most of the MicroD users create their web by MicroD website program where they can fully use ePrevue, offer online planning of their products (Room Planner), e-Shop or the other modules. All MicroD application run on mobile environments – see more here.

Pure catalog is used here.

Online eShop with catalog here.

Web pages created by MicroD website program (with catalog) are for example here:




Company Sophics works for MicroD 17 years and is available give you more information to ePrevue or MicroD website program at e-mail.

Sophics, spol. s r.o., phone: +420 734 740 482, e-mail: sophics@sophics.cz